Integration & big data

Let’s discover, access, integrate, and deliver all your trusted critical data, at any speed, reliably and at scale, to fuel advanced analytics and critical operations.

Informatica PowerCenter

Embrace agility with the market-leading scalable, high-performance enterprise data integration platform. Support the entire data integration lifecycle, from jumpstarting the first project to ensuring successful mission-critical enterprise deployments.

Drive Business Value With End-to-End Data Integration Agility

Data is at the heart of your business. Today more than ever companies need reliable data to make timely, insightful decisions and stay ahead of the curve. With exploding data sources, complex data types, and increasing data volumes, integrating data from disparate sources and getting value from that data has become even more challenging. Shrinking IT budgets and changing business requirements only add to the problem.


  • Empower business users with the right information at the right time
  • Solve business problems such as customer churn, campaign effectiveness, fraud detection, and sales optimization
  • Accelerate projects in days vs. months with improved staff productivity and collaboration
  • Seamlessly integrate data from disparate systems for a cohesive data foundation
  • Scale cost-effectively as your needs grow and you require more visibility into your data
  • Empower business and IT to work faster and better together
  • Ensure on-going success for mission-critical business processes
  • Reduce costs by reusing skills and resources across projects
Informatica Big Data Management

Achieve faster, more flexible, and more repeatable data integration, governance, and security on Hadoop.

Make Big Data Small: Manage Data More Efficiently and Reduce Costs

Big Data keeps getting bigger. Data volumes are growing more than 65 percent annually, with up to 80 percent of it dormant. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to access, manage, back up, and store data volumes in a timely, secure, and compliant way. Informatica Big Data Management allows customers to quickly leverage the power of Hadoop without the need for a hand coded solution. This area of technology innovation is quickly evolving with new product capabilities and newly discovered use cases which are rapidly impacting nearly every industry.

Quickly turn big data into business value

As the pace of business increases and organizations face overwhelming competitive pressure to transform their businesses, there is an opportunity to modernize and optimize data architectures to enable data to become a strategic asset for organizational decision making. The emergence of Apache Hadoop now gives organizations the luxury of using more data for analysis than ever before. But organizations are unable to turn most of their big data into trusted business insights due to antiquated and manual approaches of hand coding and code generation that leave most big data siloed, inconsistent, and incomplete.


  • Ingest any data into Hadoop
  • Process and deliver data at scale on Hadoop—on-premises or in the cloud
  • Faster, flexible, repeatable execution of data pipelines on Hadoop

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