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About us

Our team consists of experienced Informatica professionals who have the necessary skillset to support your information management strategy.

Our Values

  • Professionalism – specialized, recognized, quality delivered
  • Drive – Commitment & passion bring inspiration
  • Team spirit – from good to better, we work together
  • Growth & Continuity – evolving wisely
  • Openness – communicate and share with an open mind

What we stand for

Our professionals

Our professionals are number one for us.  They help us in giving our name a value.

  • More than colleague’s
  • Into data
  • Never on the 2nd place
  • Drive, motivation and passion

Cross-Discipline Expertise

With our colleagues from XploData and i4BI, we have a strong foundation of in-depth knowledge and expertise.
Together with XploData and i4BI we can offer our customers an End2End delivery of their projects.

Informatica Practice

Purpose of our Informatica practice is to elevate the knowledge of our professionals to a high level.
By following InfaMind BootCamp, our professionals are ready to get Informatica Certified and to become Informatica Specialists.



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